5 Questions to Ask at Your Consultation


If your consultation is scheduled, you have probably already done some homework regarding the procedure(s) you are interested in getting. Now is the time to start prepping a list of questions you want to ask. A consultation is the perfect time to ask all the things you want to know about surgery, financing, recovery, risks and more. We want you to feel comfortable to ask whatever you want at this appointment, so you are relaxed, confident, and satisfied when your surgery is scheduled. If you are not sure what questions to ask, here are five you might want to put on your list!


1 – What procedure do you recommend for me?

There is a chance you have been researching one procedure, but the doctor may recommend something else. For example, you may be interested in breast implants, but the recommendation may be to perform a breast lift in addition to breast implants to achieve the best result.


2 – What is your board certification?

Usually, these types of details are available on a company website, but it is a great idea to ask questions about your doctor’s credentials and specialties.


3 – What is the breakdown of the cost for this procedure?

It is a great idea to request a financial breakdown so you can see what goes into calculating the final total for your surgery. Now is the time to ask about insurance coverage as well. Some procedures are covered by insurance and the process can be explained to you, so you know what paperwork you need to complete.


4 – How much time will I need to take off work?

Many patients are unaware of the amount of time recovery can take. Depending on the type of job you have, you may need to take anywhere from two to six weeks to recover.


5 – Who can I call with post-op issues?

It is important you know who to call and where to go if you have any post-op concerns. Make sure you have the proper contact information saved in your phone before going in for surgery.