Author: Ali Loreen, MD

What’s the Difference Between Breast Lift & Breast Augmentation?

Are you not totally satisfied with your breast shape and size? Think about what will make you happy. Do you want to have a larger cup size, smaller cup size, want your breasts to be perkier, or get rid of the droop? If any of this resonates with you, let’s find out the difference between breast lift & breast augmentation.

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Breast Reduction: Frequently Asked Questions And Answers

Women with very large breasts never get over the rude stares or the chronic back, neck, and shoulder pain. No one can understand the emotional and physical toll that comes with extra large breasts. If this sounds like you and you have been contemplating breast reduction, here are some frequently asked questions and answers. 

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3 Benefits of Liposuction

Liposuction is an increasingly popular procedure that safely breaks up and removes fat from the body. It is not a weight-loss procedure, and the results are purely cosmetic. There are many benefits to liposuction.


1 – It is a safe way to remove fat.

Small incisions are made in the area that is treated and fluid is then injected into the body to break up fat cells. A small tube is then inserted, and suction is applied to remove the fat. Patients are usually back on their feet quickly if they follow post-operative instructions (usually within 2 days).


2 – Fat loss can improve appearance.

Unwanted fat can affect a person’s appearance and self-confidence. Liposuction can help remove stubborn fat to give you a more aesthetically pleasing physique.


3 – Fat loss improves overall health.

Maintaining a healthy body mass index is important to overall health and liposuction can help achieve that. Overall improved health occurs when a patient reaches an ideal weight. Liposuction can remove quite a bit of fat from each area treated (up to 4 lbs. per area) which helps overall BMI.


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10 Benefits of HydraFacial

HydraFacial is quickly becoming one of the most popular in-office treatments and there are many reasons why! This type of facial literally sucks the dirt out of your pores and offers many other wonderful benefits for your skin.

1 – A more hydrated appearance
2 – Bright and plump complexion
3 – Reduction in pore size
4 – Increased skin firmness
5 – Reduced fine lines and wrinkles on the face
6 – Clean pores
7 – A more even skin tone
8 – Reduction of brown spots
9 – Overall improved skin texture
10 – Clearer skin without blemishes or acne


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How to Prepare for a Facelift


If you have already completed your consultation and it’s been determined that you are a good candidate for a facelift, now it’s time to prepare! Before the big day you should do the following things.


1 – Stop smoking

Nicotine restricts blood flow and can cause complications during and after your procedure. Stop using any type of nicotine before your procedure for safety.


2 – Stop anti-inflammatory medications

Stop taking any anti-inflammatory over-the-counter medications or aspirin to decrease the chance of excessive bleeding.


3 – Make sure you have a ride

Make plans for getting to and from the hospital. Make sure a responsible friend or family member is available to pick you up and ensure you get home safely to rest.


4 – Fill prescriptions

Fill any recommended prescriptions and pick them up from the pharmacy in the days leading up to your procedure. You’ll want to make sure you have them ready and nearby the place you’ll be resting.


5 – Wear the right clothing

Have proper clothing on and ready to wear when you’re home. You’ll want something that is easy to remove so you aren’t pulling anything tightly over your head. A zip or button-up top is best for post-surgery.


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10 Questions to Ask at Your Breast Reduction Consultation


Breast reduction is an increasingly popular procedure. Disproportionately large breasts can cause both physical and emotional distress for patients, and many opt for breast reduction to achieve an appropriate breast size.


If you have scheduled a consultation here are ten questions to ask at your appointment:


1 – Am I a good candidate for breast reduction surgery?
2 – What surgical technique would you recommend for me?
3 – What is the recovery process like for this procedure?
4 – What kind of outcome can I expect after surgery?
5 – How long will it take to see the results?
6 – What are common risks associated with this procedure?
7 – Will I need help or time off work for my recovery?
8 – Is this an outpatient procedure?
9 – What is involved in post-op and aftercare appointments?
10 – Can I see some before and after photos from other breast reductions?


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5 Myths About Botox


If you’re considering Botox for the first time you’ve probably done some research and read many myths about the neurotoxin. We’ve listed five of the most common myths we’ve heard at our office and explained why they aren’t true.


1 – Botox is permanent.

Botox is considered a temporary fix for facial lines and wrinkles. Typically, the results will last anywhere from two to four months depending on the area treated.


2 – Results are Immediate.

A lot of patients expect to walk out of an appointment looking different right away. Botox typically takes up to two weeks for the full result and sometimes a touch-up can be required to obtain optimal results.


3 – Botox is only for wrinkles.

Besides helping with the appearance of wrinkles, Botox can also be used to lift the eyebrows, soften the jawline, give the appearance of a fuller upper lip and more. A consultation is the best way to learn all the areas Botox could treat for you!


4 – Your face will appear frozen.

When injected correctly, Botox does not make the patient appear frozen. The proper amount of Botox for you will be decided at your consultation and the goal will be to make you appear rejuvenated rather than stiff or frozen in the face.


5 – Only women receive Botox.

Both men and women benefit from Botox treatments. Many men nowadays opt for Botox to treat facial lines and wrinkles that will soften their face and make them look younger.


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5 Common Questions About Breast Augmentation


If you’re considering breast augmentation you probably have a lot of questions. It’s important to ask the doctor everything you want to know at your consultation. A great way to prepare for your appointment is to write down all your questions. Here are five common questions that patients have when considering breast augmentation.


1.       What is the difference between saline and silicone breast implants?

Dr. Ali will work with you to choose the perfect shape, size, and type of breast implant for your body. Silicone implants are made fully of silicone, a synthetic material that feels like human fat. They are filled with a silicone gel. Saline implants have an outer shell made of silicone and are filled with saline.


2.       Are breast implants safe?

Both silicone and saline breast implants are FDA-approved devices that offer many benefits for patients. Hundreds of thousands of patients undergo breast implant procedures worldwide each year. FDA-approved breast implants undergo extensive testing to demonstrate reasonable assurance of safety and effectiveness.


3.       How long do breast implants last?

Breast implants do not last forever. Many women will choose to have their implants removed and replaced, usually anywhere from 10 to 20 years after their initial surgery.


4.       How long does the procedure take?

Breast augmentation is typically an outpatient procedure and will last anywhere 1 to 2 hours. The procedure is performed with the patient under general anesthesia.


5.       How long is the recovery?

Recovery from breast augmentation on average will last two to four weeks. It is important to follow all post-procedure guidelines given to you in order to heal properly and achieve the best result. Physical restrictions are for 6 weeks following surgery.

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