When Should I Get My Breast Implants Replaced?

If you’re happy and you know it, clap your hands goes the old song, but women who once loved their breast implants may not stay so happy. There are some legitimate reasons to replace or revise those old implants. Let’s go over some common signs you should get your breast implants replaced. 

Painful Implants

If your implants are causing pain, it’s probably time—even if 10 years have not passed yet. Breast implants should not be uncomfortable, and if they are, something is causing the pain.

It could be pinched nerves, improper placement, a developing seroma, or damaged lymph nodes. If your implants are silicone, it could mean they have ruptured. Maybe the implant was too large and that is causing your discomfort. It might even have been placed incorrectly.

Time to call New England Plastic Surgery Center.

doctor handing breast implant to patient to hold.

A Rupture

If you have a saline implant, you will start to deflate almost immediately over 1 to 2 days. If the implant is silicone, it is much less noticeable. Sometimes you will be able to see or feel a difference in the breast. In either case, see New England Plastic Surgery Center.

Your Implant Is Moving

This could be embarrassing. Sometimes an implant can rotate. This is called implant displacement. 

You Want To Change The Size

The most common reason to replace implants is the patient’s change of heart. You may have loved them at first, but now they seem too big, or too small. Most surgeons will recommend you wait at least one year so that the implants settle into place and you are entirely healed.

If you are still unhappy after that, talk to New England Plastic Surgery Center about a revision.

Drooping Breasts

Mother Nature and gravity can cause implants to droop a bit just like natural ones.

If you lose or gain a lot of weight in a short period of time, it can affect the look of your implants. Pregnancy can also change their shape since breast tissue expands during pregnancy and shrinks back afterwards.

Talk with New England Plastic Surgery Center about a replacement along with a breast lift.

You Are Not Happy Nor Clapping Your Hands

Some patients are just not happy after breast implants.

This is the primary reason we suggest doing your homework and finding a plastic surgeon who listens and has notable experience like New England Plastic Surgery Center in Chelmsford, MA.

Other Reasons

Some other reasons you might want to replace your implants include the following:

  • Rippling, which is typically caused by saline implants being under-filled
  • Capsular contracture, which occurs when your implants become hardened, set higher on the chest, and look uneven
  • Hitting the 15 year mark indicates it may be time to replace the implants.

If you are unhappy with your breast implants or they are causing you discomfort, contact New England Plastic Surgery Center at (978) 942-4835, or request an appointment online, for a consultation.