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7 Things to Do to Prepare for Your Upcoming Surgery

Surgery day is coming up soon! While you are anticipating the big day there are many things you can do to start preparing now. Start checking these items off your to-do list to make your post-op recovery a bit smoother and relaxing.


1.       Pick up any medications you may need from the pharmacy now! Whether you were prescribed antibiotics or pain medication make sure you don’t wait to submit your prescription to the pharmacy.

2.       Wash any post-op clothing you might need and have these items ready to use. Depending on the surgery you are getting, you may need to wear clothing that is easy to pull on and tops that can be zipped in the front.

3.       Prep some meals and have them ready to reheat for when you’re home. You’ll be thankful during recovery when you can pull dinners out of the freezer and heat rather than having to cook.

4.       Create a tray of needs for your bedside table at home. Assuming you’ll be recovering in bed, you’ll want to make sure all of your must-haves are close by. Things to include: your phone charger, medications, bottled water, dry crackers or snacks and books or magazines to read.

5.       Put your ice packs in the freezer! If your procedure will require ice during healing, make sure to put your ice packs in the freezer now to prepare.

6.       Arrange for your rides to and from the hospital. Don’t wait until the day before surgery to look for someone to drop you off and pick you up! Make sure you also have cell phone numbers for your caretakers written down to give to your nurse.

7.       Record some movies and shows to watch during your rest and relaxation time! Post-surgery is a great time to binge-watch a new show or finally catch those movies you never got a chance to see.