5 Things to Know Before a Tummy Tuck

You yearn for that flat and toned abdomen you had when you were younger and before children. Abdominoplasty seems like the perfect fix. You understand a tummy tuck is surgery, and of course there are risks, but fantasizing about the results is all you can think about. We don’t want to discourage you. We just think there are some important factors to consider including these 5 things to know before a tummy tuck.

A Tummy Tuck Is Not for Weight Loss

In order to be a candidate for a tummy tuck you should be almost at or very near your ideal weight. It is recommended that you be within 15 pounds of your goal weight for the last 12 months. Gaining weight can undermine your tummy tuck and weight fluctuations can stretch your abdominal muscles. A tummy tuck is not a substitute for weight loss.woman with flat stomach.

The Recovery Is Not Swift

Expect recovery to take from 3 to 6 weeks so be patient. You need lots of rest and help with household chores. This is especially significant if you have children that need tending. It may take several months before you see the results so plan accordingly.

The Good News Part

Even though you have been trying to eat healthy and you are committed to exercise, nothing seems to work on your tummy. All your excess weight seems to land there. However, a tummy tuck will do the work and can give you the sculpted results you have been longing for.

There Are Three Types of Abdominoplasty

Talk with New England Plastic Surgery Center about which is best for you.

A mini tummy tuck deals with the skin and fat of the mid and lower abdomen.

A full tummy tuck addresses the full abdomen including skin, fat, and the abdominal wall.

Due Diligence Is Essential

Before you decide to have this procedure, be sure you have found a board certified surgeon like Dr. Ali in Chelmsford, MA. Are you comfortable with them? Have they taken the time to listen to you? Ask to see before and after photographs. It is important that you trust their expertise.

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