Tummy Tuck Recovery: 11 Tips for Healing Quicker

Dreaming of a firmer, smaller, and more toned abdomen? Tummy tuck plastic surgery may be a procedure to consider. Maybe you have baby fat left after giving birth, or no amount of exercise or dieting will reduce that flabby stomach. If you are thinking about moving forward, here are 11 tips for healing quicker during tummy tuck recovery.

Facts About Tummy Tuckswoman with tummy tuck.

Before we begin, understand that a tummy tuck is not weight loss surgery. You can combine liposuction if that is your final goal once you have tightened and slimmed down your tummy area.

Tummy tuck surgery ranks among the top three plastic surgeries in the United States, and most patients are satisfied with the results. The scar will be visible without clothes.

Normal recovery can take from two weeks to two months or longer depending on size of the incision and amount of tissue. It will take longer to return to any strenuous exercise or training. 

Let’s look at the 11 tips for healing quicker.

Lots of Water

Prepare to drink water and lots of it while you heal. You can also drink Gatorade and Pedialyte. It will flush out any toxins.

Stick to a Lean Healthy Diet

Here we mean lean protein like salmon and chicken, fiber, plus fruits and vegetables. This will help prevent constipation and aid in healing. Dark leafy greens and Vitamin C rich foods help to heal tissue and fight infection.


Move around every 2 or 3 hours. Go to the bathroom or walk to the kitchen in your home. Mild activity helps to prevent blood clots or a lung infection. Walk every day to improve circulation. Speak with New England Plastic Surgery for recommendations during your pre and post operation appointments.

Manage Pain

Work with your surgeon to manage your pain. Your recovery can be delayed if you are in too much pain.


You should try to move around every few hours after surgery, and rest in between. Find a good balance.

Important to Take Deep Breaths and Cough

Use a pillow to protect your stomach. This is an important step to prevent blood clots or a lung infection after surgery. Ask Dr. Ali how often you should do this.

Other tips include the following:

  • Stop smoking for at least a few weeks (before and after is best).
  • Wear a binder or girdle like Spanx for compression.
  • Use ice packs for swelling and pain.
  • Sleep in an inclined position using a body pillow for support.
  • Follow ALL your surgeon’s orders, advice, and recommendations.

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